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Why choose Switzerland for further study?


Switzerland Is A Relatively Safe Country With A Low Rate Of Violent Crime.

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Fees And Living Costs Are Relatively Low Compared To The Rest Of Europe.

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All Kind Of Food Are Available Here.

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Easily Get Admission In College Of Your Dream Streme.

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In Hungary We Get Different Type Of Transportation Services Such As Buses, Taxies, Trains, Domestic Trains, Etc...

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Study in Switzerland

The education system in Switzerland is very diverse, because the constitution of Switzerland delegates the authority for the school system mainly to the cantons. The Swiss Constitution sets the foundations, namely that primary school is obligatory for every child and is free in public schools and that the confederation can run or support universities.

Since Switzerland has no natural resources, education and knowledge have become very important resources. Therefore Switzerland claims to have one of the world's best education systems. Because the cantons are responsible for educational services (kindergarten, schools, universities), education may vary significantly between cantons.

Each canton has its own education department and its own school calendar, education structure, methods of teaching and curricular, although there are agreements in place to coordinate the latter across the country. Bear in mind that this can make moving a child from a school in one canton to one in another quite difficult.



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