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Why choose malaysia for further study?

Beaches of malaysia

Choose to study in malaysia and you’ll discover that the country’s natural beauty extends way beyond its ancient rainforests, national parks and glorious beaches.

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Buddhist temples and Hindu shrines that are often found side by side, and the profusion of annual festivals celebrating both traditional and modern aspects of Malaysian culture.

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One of the world’s most politically stable countries, Malaysia may be second to Singapore in terms of regional economic clout, but it offers a much more organic lifestyle than its city-state rival.

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Political Stability

This is where the highest ranked universities in Malaysia can be found, along with the most diverse and vibrant urban areas.

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The other half, Malaysian Borneo, shares an island with Indonesia and remains the quieter of the two halves, offering solitude, authenticity and jungle life.

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Study in Malaysia

The affordable cost of tertiary quality education is one of the good reasons why international students should choose malaysia to study in.

Your education cost is made up of course fees which include tuition fees and other study fees payable to the institution, depending on what you are studying and the duration of your course/study program, and other components like the living expenses which will depend on which location you are staying in, your type of accommodation and your lifestyle.



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