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We at “Exodus First” are committed to every student & immigrant to always provide services to them best of our knowledge. And achieve optimum satisfaction of our clients throughout their journey with us. We guide the students to choose the most appropriate institutions and courses which help them maximize their potential in gaining higher education and build a promising career.

At “Exodus First” we provide “one stop solution for all your international education needs”. Our strategy focuses on offering a comprehensive range of integrated services and our emphasis is on efficiency and transparency of business. We are committed to the principle of correct and updated information.

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ConsultingPress Tourism COnsulting Template

What we do?

Student Visa

At Exodus First, you are assured the most accurate information and the best assistance needed for your student visa.

Visitor Visa

Visitor visas are non-immigrant visas for persons who wants to enters in a country for visitng, for business, or for both.


Immigration / PR

At Exodus First we also offer a range of immigration services. We have helped a large number of individuals to immigrate to countries of their choice.

What we provide

Exodus First has been providing students the right guidance and coaching to help them achieve their dreams.

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    Process Advisor

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    Advice Accommodation

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    Advise Air Ticket

  • Airport Pickup/Dropout

    Airport Pickup/Dropout

  • Airport Pickup/Dropout

    Currency Exchange

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Student Visas

Visitor Visas


Immigrations / PR

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